French Marigold

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August 28 | 6:30pm – 8:30pm | Dandelion Stompers | New Orleans Jazz

The Dandelion Stompers bring you New Orleans jazz with all the trimmings. Start with a grade-A rhythm section, add a savory selection of horns, round out the mixture with hot and spicy vocals and you’ve got a recipe for Dandelion gumbo!

Presented by: The Dubuque Arboretum & Botanical Gardens


January 4th Full Wolf Moon 10:53 pm
February 3rd Full Snow Moon 5:09 pm
March 5th Full Worm Moon 12:05 pm
April 4th Full Pink Moon 7:06 am
May 3rd Full Flower Moon 10:42 pm
June 2nd Full Strawberry Moon 11:19 pm
July 1st Full Buck Moon 9:20 pm
July 31st Full Blue Moon 5:43 am
August 29th Full Sturgeon Moon 1:35 pm
September 27th Full Harvest Moon 9:50 pm
October 27th Full Hunter’s Moon 7:05 am
November 25th Full Beaver Moon 4:44 pm
December 25th Full Cold Moon 5:11 am