Arboretum FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

What year was the arboretum built?
The Dubuque Arboretum & Botanical Gardens at Marshall park was started in 1980.


Japanese Larch

What is your GPS location?
42.5323°N 90.7177°W

How large is the Park?
52 acres or 210,000 square meters.

How close is the nearest Airport?
The Dubuque Regional Airport is lees then 15 miles away.

How much is parking?
There are multiple free complimentary parking lots.

Are the lawns in the garden treated?
Neither herbicides or pesticides are used on the grass in the gardens.

Is there skiing in the area?
The Sundown Mountain Ski area is only for you located less than 10 miles away.

Is there golfing in the area?
The nearest neighboring golf course is less than 6 miles away.

Do the Koi stay in the pond all winter?
There is a bubblier which helps to aerate the water, keep it moving and cut down on the surface freezing, this allows the Koi to live in the Japanese garden pond through out the it's cool winter.

Does the park have a large Conifer collection?
The nationally recognized Bill Walter and Dennis Hermsen’s Award Winning Conifer collection is located near the entrance at the highest point in the park.

Is what I hear about the Hostas true?
The Gardens include what is claimed to be the largest public hosta garden in the United States (13,000 plants representing over 700 varieties) and recognized by the National Hosta Society.


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