All of the below images were taken at the Arboretum.
Watch for our up coming tips and tricks on taking great Arboretum photos.

amateur photography

If you’re an amateur photographer … taking family photos or photos of the Arboretum grounds for your own personal enjoyment and use, welcome. We encourage you to continue indulging that creative pursuit.

professional photography

If, however, you’re a professional photographer and intend to profit from the use of Arboretum images, we ask that you pay us for the privilege of using our property as your subject matter. Fair enough?

Here are the photography fee details:

One-time photography session: $50.  Fee must be paid in advance of the photography event and scheduled with the Arboretum office.

Annual photography fee: $200.  For unlimited photography privileges, fee must be paid in advance and arranged with the Arboretum office. Renewable.